Carlos Antonio Rancaño was born in Miami, FL. from Cuban/Panamanian parents. After graduating Cum Laude from MIU with a Bachelors Degree in Graphic Design, he started his career in Advertising. Even though he was always keen to drawing, it was the strict rules of design that gave way to his paintings. The free spirit that lives in his work is a direct response to the more simplistic approach of Graphic Design. His work is saturated with bright, warm colors and sharp, rigid brush strokes serving as a pedestal to the subjects in his work. Spreading from an array of themes, like bold portraits of women to African child soldiers, his work is never well-worn. Carlos Antonio has participated in various exhibitions across South Florida, as he continuous to establish himself as a premier artist.
Artist Statement
I love capturing introspection. These moments of self analysis or soul searching are evident in my oil paintings. I like to think that when the viewer sees one of my paintings that they start a dialogue with the subject. I’ve seen instances where the viewer intently looks at the portrait in an attempt to decipher the emotions the subject portrays. It’s at this moment where the subject becomes a reflection of the viewers own sentiment.